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COSMO B2E (Back 2 Earth) Oxo- Biodegradable Plastic Bags

Going Green With Cosmo Back 2 Earth (B2E) Bags

Oxo-biodegradable plastic technology provides the safest, most cost-effective method of degrading plastic, with control over the degradation time.

Plastic is a familiar component of modern living, used in all sorts of packaging and household and commercial applications. Whilst the benefits of low cost, light weight, strength, imperviousness to gas and water, transparency, sealability, and printability are highly regarded, the very strength and durability which makes plastic such a useful and economic material can be a major problem when disposal is required. Plastic waste can accumulate in the environment for decades.

Science has now found the solution to this problem: Oxo-biodegradable plastic.

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ZERUST EXCOR Anti-Corrosion Plastic Bags


ZERUST® VCI Film is produced by incorporating a formulation of patented contact and volatile corrosion inhibitors into the film during the production stage ZERUST® VCI Films are not coated.  The inhibitors become an integral, inseparable component of the film. The ZERUST® vapor molecules counteract the corrosive effects of humidity, salt and pollutants. ZERUST® VCI Film is available in bags, sheeting, tubing and liners to meet specific needs of industry.


  • Heat sealable with standard equipment.  Bags or shroud closures, however, can be tied, folded, or stapled closed for protection equivalent to that experienced with a heat sealed enclosure.
  • Large items can be protected for years without supplemental protection.
  • Protects when used in conjunction with acid bearing packing materials, e.g., corrugated board, chipboard, wood, etc.
  • Has no coating of chemicals to flake off, stick to, or otherwise damage or soil components or machinery.
  • Inhibitors will not affect any electrical or mechanical properties of a packaged item.
  • Chemical effectiveness is not impaired by rough handling.
  • May be used in conjunction with neutral or light rust preventative oils.
  • No special handling precautions required.
  • Available from stock in popular bag, sheeting and tubing sizes.
  • Can be supplied in special sizes and forms to meet specific needs.
  • Five-year in-service life.

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 POLY SPEED® Brand Wicketed Bags & Bagger Machines

  • Poly Speed® bag is a specially designed plastic packaging with an extended lip and two punched holes so that a wicket (U shape wire) can be inserted to hold the polybag in 100 to 200 pcs. - using these bag and bagger machine, labor cost is reduced to as much as 50%.
  • Poly Speed® bagger machine is operated with imported AC blower ; wherein, consistent volume of air automatically opened the wicketed bag so that efficient and convenient packing operation is achieved. 
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