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Cosmopack, Inc. is a fully integrated polybag manufacturer. It extrudes prints and cuts various plastic packaging for companies from various industries. Cosmopack’s clients depend on the company’s quality, fast and reliable service for their plastic packaging needs. Cosmopack processes orders on a job-order basis that meets specific requirement of clients.

Branching out from a 28 year old family owned company, Cosmopack was established on February 1990. A rich talent of experienced people from the plastic industry merged with young entrepreneurs with vision and assertiveness to spur growth of the company over the past decade. With total workforce of 100, Cosmopack utilizes 50 different kinds of machines to produce 5 tons of plastic rolls and polybag for conversion to various type of plastic products per day.

The company’ offices and plants are located at Barangka Drive, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila. There are two plant sites in that vicinity- one houses the larger and newer machines and the marketing, finance, and administrative departments, while the  other one houses the smaller machines and finished goods warehousing and the human resources department.

Workings together to deliver quality polybag products are the following departments of Cosmopack Inc. marketing and sales, administration, human resource / personnel, and plant operations. Under the leadership of competent and value-driven managers, Cosmopack seeks to become one of the leading companies in the industry, known for quality consistency, and integrity.


COSMOPACK’S core values are as follows:

  •   Customer Focus
  •   Product Quality, Consistency, and Reliability
  •   Innovation
  •   Corporate and Social Responsibility
  •   Honesty and Inte


By the  grace of God, we will provide our customers     with the best plastic packaging solutions, develop, manufacture, and deliver products and services that meet the highest quality standards, and create fruitful and satisfying work for every member of our company.

"Our commitment is to meet and satisfy our client’s product specifications, provide workers and employees with conductive and rewarding working conditions, improve the quality standards of the industry, and glorify God in every aspect of our business.”

We are fully integrated manufacturer of plastic packaging products. We invest in best machinery, equipment, and people to meet the packaging objectives of our clients.

We serve a vast array of customers from various industries. They are mainly garments exporters, bakeshops, courier companies, supermarkets, retailers, and manufacturers of hygiene products who depend on us for their plastic packaging needs.
We provide our customers with consistent and durable and flexible plastic packaging that will facilitate shelf display and protect and preserve their core products. We value our customers and we strive to provide them with fast, quality and reliable products and services.

We are driven by our commitment to serve both God and people through our business. We deal with suppliers, employees, workers, competitors, and customers with respect, honesty and integrity, thereby, establishing trust and building good relationship with each stakeholder of the company.
Cosmopack, Inc. is a fully integrated polybag manufacturer. It extrudes, prints, and cuts various plastic films and converts these to flexible packaging products to meet the packaging of companies from various industries, such as garments,  food/bread, courier, healthcare and supermarkets.
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